The Digital Marketing takes care of everything we can do, thanks to the Internet, to grow the company’s business. Information technology in recent years are producing the pervasive effects on infrastructure of companies, products, markets and consumers, with a relevance that within a relatively limited period of time that is not possible to find in any
bygone era.
Involving relationships between firms, consumer markets, the relationships between them consumers, the individual components of the marketing mix (product, price, communication, distribution) and their mode of interaction and management within the marketing strategy firm.
The evolution of the digital world has brought business and consumers facing a
radical change in the marketing and communication paradigm that sees the report and
the interaction at the center of an exchange of highly personalized messages bilateral and constants.
Marketing is not a linear but circular process, in which listening and understanding the needs and the forces acting on the markets, the design of the able to respond to the products or services identified new opportunities, integrate and change constantly.